About Us

Tired of paying high prices for basic dull fashion right?

Tired of selection and fashion choices that are just drab?

Yeah, seems like there are no options does it?

Like you we were frustrated with high priced poor selection fashion shopping! Thankfully we have been blessed by God with the opportunity to expand our online fashion store beyond USA / Canada and finally give YOU a real option.

Our fashion highlights the essence, fun and positive outlook of Caribbean life, as lived by its founders. And, better yet, we 100% maintain affordable pricing and strong selections.

Our mission at 84 degrees is to share our Caribbean fun and positive outlook culture, by sourcing very affordable, every-day fashion items from all across the globe that reflect Warmth, Happiness, Fun and Positivity!

We are more than happy to serve you!

Team 84 degrees

Toronto, ON, Canada

Call us at 1-888-427-5245 - USA/Canada Toll Free - M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm EST

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